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Local SEO is vital to helping a business grow on and offline. SEO is something that shouldn’t be ignored because 77% of Americans now own a smartphone and nearly eight in ten own a computer. It’s essential to be able to reach new and returning customers at home and on the go.

We know keeping up with the latest changes and trends of SEO can be daunting. Luckily, we’re a bunch of data and research nerds at e2aStart. Below are some stats from 2016 that really puts local SEO in perspective and why it is essential for small businesses.

The importance of Local SEO
Infographic by- GO Globe Hong Kong

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Local SEO For Small Businesses

e2aStart provides small businesses across the U.S.A. with Local SEO solutions that help them grow. Restaurants, spas, banquet halls and businesses of all types benefit from Local SEO.

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